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Azerbaijani Scientist Gives Speech at ICESCO Forum in Morocco

Farda Asadov, Ph.D., head of the Department of History and Economy of Arab Countries at the Institute of Oriental Studies named after Academician Z M Bunyadov of ANAS, participated in the International Silk Road Forum organized by the Scientific, Educational and Cultural Organization of the Islamic Countries (ICESCO) in Rabat, Morocco

Institute of Oriental Studies said that well-known historians of ICESCO member countries gave speeches and discussed the historical relations connecting the People’s Republic of China with the Islamic world and the current cooperation projects at the forum. The day after the official program of the conference, a seminar dedicated to the heritage and values ​​of Ibn Battuta, the famous traveler of the Islamic world, was held in the Chinese cultural center in Morocco.

At the forum held at the headquarters of ICESCO and subsequent events, Farda Asadov gave a speech on “Trade cooperation between Arabs and Caspian Turks on the Silk Road” and spoke about the historical importance of trade relations between China and the Muslim world in the early Middle Ages.

Source: Azernews