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Algeria Arrests Terror Suspects

Algeria’s Ministry of Defence has revealed that in the past month army units have arrested three suspects who are alleged to have supported terrorist groups. It added that it destroyed what is believed to have been a terrorist hideout in the province of Tebessa on the border with Tunisia. The hideout contained two pairs of field glasses and other items.

The ministry also said that the coast guard has succeeded in thwarting attempts at irregular migration. More than 100 migrants were rescued on board traditionally-made boats. Another 370 irregular migrants of various nationalities have been detained at different locations across the country.

During the same period, the Algerian authorities arrested 27 drug dealers and foiled attempts to smuggle 780 kilograms of drugs into the country through the border with Morocco. The authorities seized 1.3kg of cocaine and at least 150 hallucinogenic tablets. 

Moreover, the authorities arrested 84 smugglers and seized food items that were intended for price speculation schemes.

Source: MEMO