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National Competition of Morocco’s Best Front Desk Professional Kicks off in Casablanca

The Hyatt Regency Casablanca hosted today the competition of the best receptionist in Morocco for its second edition.

Initiated by the  International Association for Front Office Managers and Assistant Hotel Managers Morocco (AICR), the event brought together a wide range of men and women from the hospitality industry, united under the theme of celebrating the “Made in Morocco” brand.

Some sixteen candidates, from different corners of the country, converged on this pivotal event, marking the start of what promises to be a transformative chapter for those passionate about the hospitality industry.

A Celebration of “Made in Morocco” Hospitality

The competition theme, “Made in Morocco,” resonated throughout the day, serving as a powerful symbol of national pride and cultural identity. Participants represented their unique skills, showcasing the rich tapestry of Moroccan hospitality.

“This competition is about showcasing the excellence of Moroccan hospitality,” said Clement Fabiani, the president of AICR, encapsulating the shared spirit of the event.

“I believe in excellence and consistency, and these values are at the heart of our hospitality industry.”

He emphasized that the goal is “to give the chance to every individual to meet each other and also to share the same philosophy. Obviously giving the warm welcome, as I said, the beginning of the hospitalities to give a warm welcome and also to follow up with the guests”

AICR is a worldwide organization committed to fostering and advancing the professional growth of front office managers and assistant hotel managers in luxury hotels.

Ayoub Salahdine, community manager and treasurer, expresses his enthusiasm and pride in Morocco being “the first African country to launch AICR in Africa.”

The contest goes beyond mere competition and becomes a platform for professional development and networking. Participants, hailing from diverse backgrounds and regions eagerly exchanged ideas, shared experiences, and learned from each other.

Nouhaila Chamrani, a participant from the Hotel Royal Mansour Marrakech, expressed the shared sentiment. “This isn’t just about winning. It’s about showcasing our skills, contributing to the industry’s improvement, and connecting with fellow professionals,” she said. “We learn from each other’s expertise and grow together.”

Reda El Asri from the Hilton Garden Inn Tanger City Center echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the desire to “reshape skills and gain new expertise through collaboration and mutual learning.”

A Quest for Excellence

The judges, industry veterans themselves, evaluated each participant not just on their technical skills, but also on their embodiment of the warmth, cultural awareness, and genuine hospitality that define Moroccan service.

Jury member Sara Hawileh, Director of Rooms at the Fairmont Lamarina, Rabat-Sale, expressed her delight at meeting “all these talented young Moroccans representing the honorable profession of hotel management.”

They sought individuals who could seamlessly integrate technical expertise with the genuine human connection that is the cornerstone of Moroccan hospitality.

“They were challenged to express their skills and personalities through technical questions, role-playing and their ability to deal with the daily complaints and hassles of being a receptionist,” she said.

While the competition aimed to crown the nation’s best front desk professional, its impact extended far beyond individual accolades.

It served as a catalyst for inspiring the next generation of hoteliers, showcasing the dedication and passion driving Morocco’s hospitality sector.

The event affirmed Morocco’s commitment to redefining excellence in service and hospitality, ensuring its continued success in the ever-evolving industry.

The winner of the competition will not only claim the coveted title, but will also represent Morocco at the international competition of best receptionists in France this year.

Source: Morocco World News