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UN: Rabat Calls for Stronger Regional & International Cooperation to Counter Terror Threats & Organized Crime

Morocco has called for strengthening regional and international cooperation to counter the growing threat posed by terrorists, organized crime networks, and separatist group in Africa.

Speaking during a UN Security Council debate on “Transnational Organized Crime, Growing Challenges & New Threats”, Omar Kadiri, Morocco’s Deputy permanent representative to UN, voiced concern over the expansion of criminal networks and terrorist groups which have exploited the momentum of international trade and the rapid development of information & communications technology (ICT) to carry on their criminal activities.

The North African Kingdom condemns the proven link between organized crime, terrorist groups, and separatists in Africa, said the diplomat, noting that this threat requires law enforcement’s capacity-building and enhanced cooperation between States.

He stressed the importance his country gives to the fight against terrorism by working to develop national, regional, and international policies to combat this scourge and its financing, through an approach based on cooperation and the exchange of information and good practices.

This strategy has contributed to foiling several terrorist plots in numerous countries thanks to Morocco’s intelligence input and cooperation, said Mr. Kadiri

The North African Kingdom hosted this week the 47th Conference of Arab Police & Security Leaders Conference and will host the 2025 General Assembly of Interpol, he said, affirming that these events show Morocco’s firm commitment in the global fight against terrorism, organized crime and drug trafficking.

Following the debate, the Security Council adopted a statement calling on all Member States to improve border management and international cooperation to effectively constrain the spread of transnational threats.

It also urged Member States to strengthen their judicial, law enforcement and border-control capacities and to develop their capabilities to investigate arms-trafficking networks.

Source: The North Africa News