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Middle East and North Africa Lead in Upskilling

CIPD’s The People’s Profession 2023: International Survey Report finds that workforce planning and building skills and capacity are vital focus areas in Egypt, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates. Championing equality, diversity, and inclusion is a key workforce priority for businesses in Saudi Arabia, specifically. 

The findings provide a snapshot of the current HR landscape, giving insights into how external factors are impacting current HR practices, and the challenges and opportunities these bring.  

“This year’s report shows that people professionals are learning, innovating, and adapting quicker than ever and understand the benefits and risks for both employees and organisations alike when driving changes forward,” says Peter Cheese, chief executive at CIPD.  

CIPD finds that 80% of respondents in the Middle East and North Africa upskilled in the last 12 months, compared to 69% of global respondents. Nearly a fifth of respondents in Egypt cite building specialist HR expertise as a critical improvement area, compared to 26% of professionals in KSA and 22% in UAE.  

More than a quarter (29%) of professionals in Egypt say it’s easier to attract, recruit, and retain talent in a hybrid environment, compared to 44% of respondents in KSA and 39% in UAE.  

The survey finds that 42% of people professionals believe their role is changing significantly due to technology, suggesting that job roles are evolving alongside the impact of digital transformation. Nearly half (41%) of HR professionals say that supporting employees’ mental health and well-being has become more difficult because of hybrid working, while 40% feel hybrid working made building organisational culture and values more challenging.  

Source: HRO