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Christians in the Middle East and North Africa Pray for the Holy Land

Holy Land (MNN) — Widespread trauma, grief, and fear arise from nearly three weeks of war in the Holy Land. Global leaders repeat calls for a ceasefire, fearing the conflict could soon morph into a regional war.

Christians throughout the Middle East and North Africa are covering the situation in prayer.

SAT-7’s Joe Willey says, “Their political affiliations are at odds, yet they are saying, ‘I am praying for my brothers and sisters in Christ.’ We have Turkish viewers praying for peace; for encouragement.”

SAT-7 delivers Gospel messages to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) through satellite TV and social media.

A special two-hour live event last Friday sent messages of peace, unity, and faith across the MENA region.

Earlier, on a SAT-7 program for children, “a young Iranian viewer prayed for the Holy Land. His name is Siamak, and he said, ‘God help all the people in the war. I pray that there won’t be any more deaths.’

“That is an incredible thing for an Iranian believer to be praying for people in the Holy Land. Politically, it doesn’t seem like it would happen. But that is the power of the Gospel. It’s the power of Christ to change hearts.”

Please join believers across the MENA region in prayer for the Holy Land. Ask the Lord to bring justice and peace, and to turn many hearts to Christ amidst the conflict.

Willey says, “We’re praying for comfort and strength for everyone affected. There are hostages; we pray that they’re unharmed.”

You can give to SAT-7’s Emergency Fund here as they create new programming to respond to conflict in the Holy Land.

Source: Mission Network News