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Pedro Sanchez: Spain is Working With Morocco, Portugal on Strong World Cup Bid

Rabat – Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has told FIFA President Gianni Infantino that Spain, Morocco, and Portugal are ready to co-host the 2030 World Cup. Sanchez took to social media on Wednesday to share some pictures with Infantino, stressing that he had conveyed to the FIFA chief the three countries’ determination to submit a strong bid.

“Spain is working with Portugal And Morocco on a strong bid for the 2030 WWorld Cup, with an ambitious project,” Sanchez wrote, adding that the three countries share the same core belief on the importance of football as they prepare to compete for hosting the sport’s most illustrious tournament.

According to the Spanish head of government, the joint Morocco-Portugal-Spain is driven by the belief that “football is a sport with global reach that can promote positive social values.”  Sanchez’s comments come days after after the first meeting of the Spanish-Moroccan-Portuguese committee for organizing the 2030 World Cup, held on September 17 in Las Rosas, Spain.

The meeting brought together senior officials from the three countries’ sports federations, including the president of Morocco’s Football Federation (FRMF), President Fouzi Lekjaa, the ​​president of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Football Federation, Pedro Rocha, and the president of the Portuguese Football Federation, Fernando Gomes.

“We will contribute our best efforts to a great team of professionals working very hard to achieve the goal. It is an honor for us to be part of such a strong and important candidacy,” FRMF quoted Lekjaa as saying in a message after the meeting.
Gomez and Pedro Rosha made similar remarks, stressing their determination to coordinate together to achieve the best result.

Morocco announced its decision to join the Iberian bid on March 14, with King Mohammed VI stressing that “this joint bid, which is unprecedented in the history of history, will bring together Africa and Europe, the northern and southern Mediterranean, and the African, Arab, and Euro-Mediterranean worlds.”

Source: MWN