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Morocco to Dedicate 1 Million Additional Hectares to Cereals

Morocco is set to enhance its food sovereignty by making available an additional million hectares dedicated to cereals, agriculture minister Mohamed Sadiki said.

Morocco imports between 3 and 5 million tons of soft wheat depending on its own drought-affected output.

This year, Morocco had a below average cereals harvest and is expected to import up to 5 million tons of soft wheat.

The minister acknowledged it was difficult to meet self-sufficiency in wheat. But he said “efforts are underway in this regard as part of the Generation green strategy which would enable the kingdom to cover a large part of its needs.”

The goal is to produce at least 9 million tons of cereals, that is more than the current average harvest of 7 million tons, he said.

Morocco consumes some 450,000 tons of soft wheat monthly and plans to import some 5 million tons this year, half would be supplied by France, according to French exporter group Intercereales.

Source: North Africa Post