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Where to Go With Your Children on a North African Holiday

North Africa, a mesmerising intersection of Arab, African, and Mediterranean influences, stands as a testimony to ancient civilisations and bustling contemporary life. All of this makes the Maghreb a great destination for travellers, including families.  The region offers a blend of exotic, historical, and even natural wonders. This makes North Africa an interesting and exciting destination for families that want to give their children a unique learning experience and have fun as well on their holidays.

Travelling with children can have its set of challenges, but the joy of seeing your young ones expand their horizons is unparalleled. Once you and your family all have your passports, Moroccan e-Visas, and any other necessary travel documents you’ll be good to go. However, it’s essential to understand what the best aspects are of the most intriguing countries in North Africa.


From the intoxicating streets of Marrakech and Tangier to the ancient heart of Fes and the expansive beauty of the Sahara Desert, Morocco offers many possible experiences for families. Morocco is a beautiful country where you can enjoy the mountains, the sea, and lovely cities in the interior. So make sure you pack more than just the essentials if you head to Morocco.

What to do with your children

There are a lot of activities that you can do with your family. The obvious plan would be to enjoy the Sahara desert. Imagine the sparkle in your child’s eyes when mounting a camel for a desert trek, or their delight in learning how to craft a traditional Moroccan dish. Riads are also an aspect of Morocco that you and your family can experience and enjoy. Riads are traditional Moroccan homes turned into guest houses, and they can offer immersive experiences, ensuring families feel both the magic of Morocco and the comfort of home.

Eating Moroccan Cuisine

If you would like to introduce your little ones to a new world of flavours Moroccan dishes are a great way to do so. While tagine, a slow-cooked savoury stew, offers a burst of spices, couscous with its fluffy texture will be an instant hit. Morocco is also famous for its tea and its version of baklava.


If you want a real off-the-beaten-path holiday, then Tunisia is a great country to visit. The capital Tunis and the blue-and-white charm of Sidi Bou Said to the island paradise of Djerba, Tunisia effortlessly blends its rich history with Mediterranean serenity. Tunisia is also full of history thanks to the many Roman and Carthaginian ruins that you can find.

Beach resorts and water parks

As interesting as Tunisia’s history is, it’s normal that children will eventually get bored. That’s why it’s always good to have a plan to include something fun when travelling with children. Luckily, Tunisia’s coastline is full of family-friendly beach resorts. With water parks to beat the heat and sandy shores perfect for building castles, your children can have a nice break from exploring cities and enjoy a splash about in the water. Afterwards, you can get back to exploring the open-air museums and introduce them to the tales of Carthage.

Tunisian delicacies

Just like other Arab countries you can enjoy appealing food. Just as in any country you visit, you should ensure that ingredients won’t give you or your family any ailments. However, food in Tunisia is very healthy. The crispy brik, a thin pastry wrapped around a filling (often egg), is a must-try. For something hearty, dive into a bowl of lablabi, a spicy chickpea soup, sure to warm both body and soul. 


Egypt is the perfect destination for any traveller, whether with their family or not. Steeped in tales of pharaohs and pyramids, Egypt beckons with a promise of time travel. From the sprawling Nile delta to its barren deserts, its geography is as diverse as its history.

Nile River cruises

You cannot go wrong with a Nile River cruise, it’s beautiful and entertaining to anyone of any age. Floating down the Nile on a traditional felucca or a luxurious cruise, children will be full of excitement seeing the temples and different monuments. The beach resorts in Sharm El Sheikh offer both relaxation and water-based fun, ensuring children have ample playtime and a break from all the discoveries and touring you’ll be doing.

What to eat

Egypt’s culinary landscape is a treat. Koshari, a mix of pasta, rice, lentils, and a tangy tomato sauce, is a delightful comfort food. Let your children dip into ful medames, a fava bean dip, with fresh bread for breakfast. Moving around with children can be challenging, you have to carry only the necessities but taking them to these countries at a young age can be incredibly impactful. North Africa is more than just a travel destination; it’s a vibrant classroom, a playground, and a living museum all rolled into one. Whether you’re wandering through Moroccan medinas, lounging on Tunisian beaches, or deciphering hieroglyphs in Egyptian temples, the experiences you share will create memories that last a lifetime.