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Morocco Completes First Phase of Major Waterway

Off road between Zagora and Tinerhir, Morocco

Morocco succeeded in connecting the water-rich Sebou basin with a dam in the Bouregreg basin that supplies Rabat and Casablanca. The project is planned to carry surplus water from Sebou basin all the way to the region of Marrakech in response to water scarcity and repetitive drought that emptied reservoirs. The waterway will help save farming activity in the drought hit Doukala region where irrigation had to be stopped due to insufficient water in dams.

Priority was given over the last few years where Morocco was hit by repetitive drought to ensure drinking water supply in urban areas. The project would also help offset delays in desalination projects, notably in Casablanca which is expected to switch on its desalination plant in 2027 instead of 2026.The waterway was meant to prevent water from being wasted at sea, as the country has lost more than 6.5 billion cubic meters of fresh water thrown into the sea in the past 5 years. Morocco has announced a 2020-2027 plan to which $14 bln have been allocated in total to build desalination plants and dams while improving supply in rural areas.

Source: NAP