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Saudi Arabia Expands E-Visa Access to Morocco

Morocco is among 12 countries who will now benefit from Saudi Arabia’s e-visa system.

Visa stickers are reportedly being phased out of use for travelers of 12 different nationalities, including Moroccans.

The physical stickers that will not be used anymore include labor, visit and residency visas issued by Saudi diplomatic missions in 12 countries as part of its expansion program.

The updated list now covers Pakistan, Yemen, Sudan, Uganda, Lebanon, Nepal, Turkiye, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Morocco, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Instead of the sticker, Saudi Arabia will now use a printed e-visa that displays passengers’ data. The visa can be validated by a QR code on the paper, according to Gulf News.

Moroccan travelers are set to benefit from the new measure starting on August 28.

Initially, the e-visa system concerned seven countries, including Jordan, the UAE, Egypt, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

The decision is part of the country’s approach to boosting tourism and diversifying its economy.

Source: Morocco World News