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Algeria Tries to Damage Spanish-Moroccan Relations Through the Spanish Far-left

In the midst of the electoral campaign for the Spanish general elections on 23 July, the radical Frente Obrero has brought out its heavy artillery against Morocco, following the guidelines set by Algeria, with the aim of damaging the ties between Madrid and Rabat.

Through a cartoon considered offensive and scandalous by the Moroccan media, the Frente Obrero criticised the current good relations between Spain and Morocco, as well as the decision of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, to recognise the Moroccan autonomy plan for Western Sahara as the “most serious, realistic and credible” basis for the resolution of the conflict. This banner against the image of King Mohamed VI is a great offence to the Moroccan people as it “touches the most sacred symbols of the Kingdom”, as Euromagreb points out.  

The portal also points out that the Marxist Frente Obrero received 5 million euros from the Algerian embassy in Madrid to “finance its electoral campaign and attack and insult Morocco”. In this way, Algiers is trying to provoke a crisis between the two countries at a time when Spanish-Moroccan ties are making progress in key sectors such as diplomacy, energy, trade and the economy.  

Through a manifesto published in the newspaper of the Socialist Party of Morocco, the political formation of the Kingdom has condemned “the political decadence” of the Spanish Workers’ Front and its “despicable conduct against Morocco and its national symbols”. The communiqué recalls that “no movement or political party has ever contested an election in its country by undermining the symbols of sovereignty of other countries and crossing all red lines”. 

The newspaper of the Moroccan socialists deplores the “decadent” panorama of a left-wing of “low political and educational level that transmits hatred towards a people, a country and its symbols” and calls the Workers’ Front a “mercenary party” that lives off “the funds of Morocco’s enemies”, referring to the Algerian regime.  

The Moroccan socialists consider that Algiers, faced with its isolation, has decided to look for a political party that is also secluded in order to express its hatred and rejection of Morocco, as well as its victory on the Sahara issue. The Frente Obrero has hardly any support in Spain, as well as no democratic or political values. In fact, this organisation shares tendencies with the reactionary extreme right, such as hatred of Morocco and rejection of immigrants.  

The communiqué expresses the wish and hope that the Spanish people will continue to reject and deny support to the Frente Obrero, while Moroccan socialists will continue to stress the “love” for their Kingdom and its symbols. “In the foreground is His Majesty King Mohamed VI, leader of rebirth, reform and unity in the new Morocco”, the text concludes.  

The full communiqué follows: 

Moroccan Manifesto Against Spanish Decadence

The highest degree of political decadence is that reached by the marginalised “Frente Obrero” in Spain, which incited its militants to commit the most despicable behaviours against Morocco and its national symbols.

No political movement or party has ever contested elections in its own country, undermining the symbols of sovereignty of other countries, and crossing all the red lines drawn by humanity, and within it, political movements. No political movement or party has ever crossed the boundary between consensual human behaviour, and the cynicism that transforms the process of political communication into a devouring animal instinct.

If there are opinions of the late Bolshevik leader Vladimir llich Lenin, which are still valid for this Spanish movement, which proclaims itself Marxist-Leninist, it is undoubtedly the saying of the infantile tendencies of some communist currents, including these fading Soviet ones, and the remains left over from the history of the radical currents affiliated to it, for us to see, at a glance, and follow the material means, including the propaganda posters of the current July legislative elections, which are used in the electoral competition, going down to the background of this organisation, and which reveals the decadent, politically and educationally low level left and what it carries of feelings of hatred towards a people, a country and its symbols, which is a background that no movement has reported, except the fascist and neo-Nazi groups, which make politically legitimate and desirable the hatred of other people’s peoples.

This mercenary party, which lives off the funds of the enemies of Morocco, and provides itself with mercenaries like him, pretends to turn the leader Lenin, who claims to be affiliated to it, into a political assistant of the separatists and a bootblack for those of the Algerian army, which is looking for ideological and scum smugglers as well as real smugglers to fight against Morocco.

This enemy can no longer find a sane person to accompany him in his madness, so he sought an isolated party in the Spanish political arena, to express his anger at Morocco’s victory by persuading the Spanish wise men of the sincerity of his earthly positions, and in building a sensible and successful strategic atmosphere with Spain, in general, and with Spain’s leader, Pedro Sanchez, in particular.

Perhaps what is clear is that pushing this degenerate group into the Spanish democratic space to express their animalistic sentiments is a sign of the desperation of someone who brought Morocco together in the Spanish and Algerian neighbourhoods, telling us about the state of bankruptcy they feel, especially after the real political forces insisted on continuing the relationship of serious partnership and strategic excellence with Morocco.

It is clear that this current, which has no democratic, political or organisational value in Spanish life, restores reactionary right-wing tendencies, both in its war against Morocco and in its war against immigrants, in a strange encounter with the remnants of the extreme right (which, by the way, is more present than the Atomic Workers’ Front), in confirmation of Lenin’s prophecy that extremists, left and right, meet in the end!

There is no doubt that rational people in Spain, as in Europe, are aware of the moral downfall of this tendency, and reject his shameful behaviour, and the Spanish people, who have made no place for him on the political map, will continue to reject and deny him, just as the respected political parties, who suffered from his terrorist and criminal behaviour, will not be imprinted with him and his project, and we in Morocco will continue to write and repeat the “manifesto” of love for our country and its symbols, and in the foreground is His Majesty King Mohammed VI, leader of renaissance, reform and unity in the new Morocco. 

Source : Atalayar