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Angola and Morocco Strengthen Bilateral Cooperation and Support a Political Solution to the Western Sahara Conflict

During the third session of the Morocco-Angola Joint Cooperation Committee in Rabat, the foreign ministers of the two countries held a meeting in which they reviewed the state of bilateral relations and explored ways to strengthen cooperation in various fields, such as economy, agriculture, energy, culture and education.

Following the meeting, Angola expressed its support for a political resolution based on agreement between the parties to the Western Sahara conflict, an issue that has an impact on the stability and security of the region.

In a joint statement, the two ministers reaffirmed their intention to support UN efforts to resume political dialogue aimed at resolving the Western Sahara conflict in accordance with the relevant Security Council resolutions.  

The joint statement also reflected the convergence of views between Angola and Morocco on various regional and international issues of common interest, such as peace and security in Africa, the fight against terrorism, climate change and sustainable development.  

The two ministers agreed to strengthen their bilateral cooperation in various sectors, such as trade, investment, agriculture, energy, mining, tourism, culture and education. They also expressed their willingness to coordinate their positions within the African Union and other multilateral fora to defend the interests of the continent and promote its unity and prosperity.  

The agreements signed during this meeting include a cooperation agreement in the fields of higher education, scientific research and innovation, a cooperation agreement on tourism, a cooperation protocol between the Moroccan Ministry of Justice and the Angolan Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in mining and hydrocarbons, as well as a memorandum of understanding between the Moroccan Academy of Diplomatic Studies and the Angolan Institute of International Relations.  

Both ministers stressed the importance of cooperation not only for the better development of bilateral relations between the countries, but also for greater regional stability. The Moroccan minister, Nasser Bourita, stated that, “given their capabilities, Morocco and Angola can be a great driving force for joint African action, based on pragmatism and attentive to the interests of the continent, far from ideologies and divisions”. The Angolan minister also declared the same sentiment of African cooperation, “Africa’s potential is enormous. We want to take advantage of and learn from Morocco’s experience and capacity for development”.  

Angola has maintained ties with the Polisario Front on the Western Sahara issue, particularly during the administration of former President Dos Santos. Uncertainty persists over whether Angola will change its position on the Western Sahara conflict and join the growing number of African nations that defend Morocco’s territorial integrity and recognise its sovereignty over the disputed territory. Morocco’s southern provinces, comprising the regions of Dakhla and Laayoune, are home to more than 20 diplomatic representations of African and Arab countries that have demonstrated their support for Morocco’s position on Western Sahara and have opened consulates general or honorary consulates in these areas, as well as support from Arab countries such as Jordan and the Emirates, and European countries such as Spain and Germany. 

Source : Atalayar