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Civil Society Condemns the Slander of Spain-Morocco Relations

The growing reports about the alleged bad relations between the Kingdoms of Spain and Morocco are just provocations of anti-Moroccan parties

The Moroccan civil society resident in Spain, strongly condemns the systematic and deliberate provocations promoted by some parties hostile to any solid and strategic relationship between the Kingdoms of Morocco and Spain, the latest of these provocations and anti-Moroccan attacks has been by the microscopic leftist, communist Leninist Workers Front party., through posters that attack a symbol of Moroccan sovereignty, in an immoral way and that has nothing to do with freedom of expression.

The Moroccan civil society of Spain strongly condemn these childish and immoral provocations and consider the symbols of the Kingdom of Morocco and our national identity as red lines that cannot be used in the electoral political struggle in Spain.

We also call on all democratic forces and human rights organizations to condemn this childish behavior that reflects the mentality. A Franco-colonial mechanism that appears each time with a different political costume.

We consider the Moroccan-Spanish relations historical, common and interrelated, and no party can stand in the way of their assessment.

We share with our community and our representative institutions in Spain their categorical rejection and condemnation of these hostile actions to the Kingdom of Morocco and its symbols, and declare our recourse to all political, electoral and judicially interested institutions to repel these desperate attempts, which will not affect or affect our relations with the Spanish State with which we have a long historical relationship.

Source : Atalayar