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Morocco Takes First Place at African Mathematics Olympiad

Rabat – Moroccan students triumphed by ranking first at the African Mathematics Olympiad in Rwanda’s capital Kigali on Sunday, May 22.

statement from Morocco’s Education Ministry celebrated the Moroccan team, who bagged two gold medals at the competition.

Hiba Al Farshiwi, one of the Moroccan participants was crowned “Queen of African Mathematics” during the competition.

Moroccan participants also clinched three silver medals and one bronze medal. 

Al-Farshiwi earned the highest score during the competition, with  35 points, followed by Ayman Hajifi (30 points). The pair won the two gold medals for Morocco

Meanwhile, Zakaria Drou secured 29 points, , followed by Yasser Abou Sir (29 points ) and Zainab Al-Sharqi (23 points), all of whom won silver medals.

Marwa Zaidouni won the bronze medal with 13 points.

Morocco’s triumph was announced during the closing ceremony of the 30th session of the African Olympiad in Mathematics following the deliberation of the Organizing Scientific Committee.

Morocco’s team ranked first with 159 points. Algeria’s students came in second with 118 points, followed by South Africa with 106 points.

Kigali in Rwanda hosted the competition from May 12-22 at the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences. The competition marked the participation of students from 26 countries on-site while another six students participated remotely.

The Moroccan team

This year’s edition marked the largest number of participating countries since the establishment of the competition, with each country sending six competitors.
 Competitors pass two tests over two consecutive days, each of which lasts four and a half hours, the Education Ministry said in a statement.

Applauding their efforts, the Ministry congratulated the team, stressing that the students “honored” Morocco during the scientific event.

The ministry also hopes to see the students continuing to shine in the next Primary Olympiad in Mathematics, which will take place in Japan in July.

This is not the first time Morocco triumphs in such competitions. 

In December 2022, four Moroccan students distinguished themselves at the third edition of the Arab Mathematics Olympiad, winning a total of four medals.

Source : Morocco World News