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Ukrainian and Moroccan FMs Meet in Rabat

In a step towards enhancing bilateral cooperation, Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita and his Ukrainian counterpart Dmytro Kuleba met on Monday in Rabat.

The meeting marked the first visit by a Ukrainian foreign minister to Morocco since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries 30 years ago.

During a press conference, Bourita underscored the historically strong ties between Morocco and Ukraine, emphasizing the solid friendship and fruitful cooperation that have characterized their relationship.

As the visit is taking place against the backdrop of the ongoing war in Ukraine, Morocco expressed its support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of UN member states.

Bourita reiterated Morocco’s position of not being directly involved in the conflict but stressed the country’s concern for its impact on regional and international security and stability.

He also welcomed initiatives aimed at finding a peaceful resolution to the crisis in Ukraine, urging a focused approach to avoid complicating the situation further.

Both ministers agreed to strengthen coordination between their respective countries, with a renewed emphasis on political dialogue and economic cooperation.

The situation of Moroccan students in Ukraine was a key point of discussion, and Kuleba assured that the Ukrainian government would work to address any issues faced by the students and restore the educational process.

The Moroccan and Ukrainian officials also explored ways to expedite the return of Moroccan diplomatic representation in Kyiv.

Kuleba, commencing his Africa tour, highlighted the longstanding and positive relations between Ukraine and Morocco.

He expressed his commitment to fostering closer relations, promoting tourism, facilitating trade, and encouraging educational exchanges between the two countries. The ministers discussed regional issues, recognizing the potential of Morocco as a gateway to Africa and the opportunities it presents.

Kuleba conveyed his gratitude to Moroccans who had studied in Ukraine and expressed his desire to welcome them back while encouraging more Moroccan students to pursue education in Ukraine.

To facilitate trade and people-to-people contact, Kuleba and Bourita agreed to hold consultations on visa and trade facilitation, aiming to enhance interactions and cooperation in multiple sectors.

Kuleba expressed sincere appreciation for Morocco’s support on the international stage, particularly at the United Nations General Assembly. He praised Morocco’s pivotal role in voting for resolutions aimed at restoring peace in Ukraine.

Amid the ongoing war, the ministers discussed the various proposals for peace, acknowledging the need for a focused approach. Ukraine presented a ten-point peace formula addressing security, nuclear issues, humanitarian concerns, environmental matters, and recovery aspects.

Food security also emerged as a critical issue, and both ministers expressed commitment to finding viable solutions.

Territorial integrity and regional security were key topics of discussion. Kuleba stressed the sanctity of territorial integrity for Ukraine and expressed support for the efforts of the UN Secretary-General’s personal envoy for Western Sahara.

According to the minister, Ukraine views Morocco’s autonomy plan as a credible basis for a successful resolution to the Sahara issue.

Kuleba and his Moroccan counterpart signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation between the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine and the Moroccan Diplomatic Academy. This exchange program aims to deepen diplomats’ understanding of each other’s foreign policies, particularly concerning Africa.

Source : Africa News