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Gen Z plays less gideo games than millennials

Rabat – A recent report by entertainment company Fandom revealed that, contrary to popular belief, Millennials, the generation born between 1981 and 1996, spend more time playing video games than Generation Z and teenagers.

Published last week, the study indicated that “Millennials are a key and untapped audience in gaming,” with 52% of the generation ranking gaming as their number one interest.

While Gen Z and Teens are now spending more time gaming than they did last year, “older generations are spending more hours per week gaming,” the report assessed.

The study aimed to examine how gamer motivation and behaviors vary by generation to provide a “playbook” for the gaming industry to understand the mindsets of gaming fans.

In this regard, Fandom found that engagement with gaming has significantly increased across every age group, platform, and genre over the past five years. “45% of gamers are spending more time gaming than ever before,” it said.

In addition, the report uncovered that 80% of gamers are open to playing games regardless of whether they are already fans of the franchise.

Around 75% of Fandom gamers eat and drink while gaming, the report indicated, underlining that food and beverages have become a “key non-endemic” category for gamers.

While an overwhelming majority of parents used to be skeptical about the value and safety of video games, the study said, “more parents and guardians are seeing benefits of gaming with their kids than ever before.”

Many parents have come to view gaming as a way to bond with their children and share in their interests, as well as an opportunity for their children to learn positive traits and skills.

Co-gaming parents are 83% more likely to agree that gaming helps develop leadership abilities, indicated the report. In addition, they are 77% more likely to agree that it teaches important life skills and 38% more likely to agree that it fosters teamwork and collaboration.

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