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“Look out, you’re being watched.” Russia will create a new regime of control over migrants

What kind of mode is this?

For the first time, the development of a “controlled stay” regime for migrants was discussed back in May 2021. This regime is planned to be introduced in relation to migrants who no longer have the right to stay in Russia, but are temporarily involuntarily detained due to the prevailing circumstances.

Such a circumstance may be, for example, participation in a trial or serving a sentence.

As a result, foreign citizens who are obliged to leave Russia, but are still legally in the country, will be under close control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

And what is this “close control”?

Firstly, such persons will have to regularly report their place of stay to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, including by sending a photo with a geolocation mark if it is not possible to appear in person.

In addition, they will not be able to change this very place of stay without prior approval from law enforcement agencies.

In fact, such measures are taken to ensure that migrants, who must leave the country from day to day, cannot remain unnoticed.

Is this mod already in place?

Now it is only a bill that is undergoing public discussions. Its full entry into force is planned from January 1, 2024, but certain provisions will appear in the form of amendments to existing legal norms.

Such changes radically change the rules for the stay of migrants in Russia, so it is better to follow them closely, including on our website.

Where can I read all the terms and conditions in more detail?
The draft Federal Law “On the Conditions for Entry and Stay in the Russian Federation of Foreign Citizens” has been published on the Internet and is available for study by all curious people.

Explanations directly about the regime of controlled stay begin with Art. 107.

Why do they even want to introduce it?

In Russia, the development of a new migration policy has begun. That is, the introduction of the “controlled stay” regime is just one of the bricks in the new perestroika.

At the moment, the entire migration sphere is undergoing changes.

What else will change?

For example, another important aspect that will be completely redesigned is the prevention and control of crimes committed by migrants. This will be done in connection with the surge of such crimes.

Thus, according to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the number of crimes committed in Russia by foreign citizens in the first half of 2022 exceeded the figure for the same period last year by almost 12%.

In addition, earlier the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia developed a bill to combat the legalization of migrants through fictitious marriages.

An algorithm for interdepartmental exchange of information on the revealed facts of fictitious migration registration has also been developed and implemented.

Summing up all the changes, control over migrants will become tougher. Not all innovations are directly aimed at migrants: some of the changes relate to the internal work of the relevant authorities and the exchange of information. However, new requirements for migrants will also appear.

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