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Renault Group’s Two Morocco Factories Produced 350,000 Vehicles in 2022

The number is a 15.3% increase over the number from the previous year.

Renault Group Morocco announced that its two factories in the country have produced 350,000 vehicles over 2022, a 15.3% increase over the production numbers in 2021.

The Tangier plant increased production by 11% to 255,494 vehicles, while the Renault Casablanca plant increased by 20% to reach 94,524 vehicles.

Nearly 86% of the production of the two factories was dedicated for exports, the firm said during a press conference, specifying that more than 300,000 vehicles were exported to 71 global destinations.

The group’s exports represented 70% of all vehicles exported from Morocco, they added, with the country being one of the most important for Renault’s business.

Renault Group vehicles that were made in Morocco made up 17% of its global sales in 2022, the company added in the press conference.

They recalled that 2022 marked the beginning of the Tangier plant’s production of electric vehicles. With that and a new visual identity for the Dacia brand in the pipeline, demand for the group’s production is expected to increase again.

The Casablanca plant also notably marked its 1 millionth vehicle over the course of the past year.

The automotive industry has become one of the most important in Morocco over the years, accounting for 29% of exports last year, ahead of the mining sector.

With over 180 industrial units dedicated to automotive production, Morocco continued to invest in the sector over 2022, implementing new technologies in various factories.

In late 2022, a 100% made in Morocco car brand emerged in Neo, which is set to launch at an average price of MAD 170,000 ($15,000).

In light of the growing popularity of electric vehicles and the European Union’s import ban on combustible engine cars by 2035, producing and exporting more electric vehicles will be on the top of the Industry Ministry’s agenda over the coming years.