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Over 96,000 cases of violence against women in Morocco 2021

RABAT – Over 96,000 complaints of violence against women were filed in 2021. A figure that is almost double the one of the previous year when the number was 64,251. The Moroccan public ministry office made released the figure in a detailed report that also explains that nearly 34,000 cases pertained to violence which had left the victims with a prognosis of “less than 20 days” and nearly 16,000 cases accused the perpetrator of the violence of “neglecting the family”.

Rape, sexual aggression and gender discrimination are among the crimes that are least denounced, this may depend in part by the social stigma that surrounds victims of similar cases after they put in the complaint. In 2022 the news has shed light on numerous cases of sexual abuse in Morocco, starting with the scandal that hit some Universities where professors were accused of having asked students for sexual favors in exchange for good grades. In the most part of the cases, meaning nearly 47 thousand complaints, the perpetrator of the violence is outside the victim’s family circle, while for approximately 38 thousand cases it is the husband.

Source : AnsaMed